Dat Debil "Bob"... Him de one make us do dis stuff !  &  
"Poulton-Le-Fyldes premier punk band"
Dat Debil "Bob"... Him de one make us do dis stuff !
"Walter" Walter "Carpet" Col Dr. "Cannon" Raptor Ramjet
This one's going out for the ladies !!!! I've only had one small sherry and a slice of battenburg  - Honest ! Goo Goo..... Ga Ga....... Dribble Dribble..... Hej !  Jag �r en galen man.......
Vocals ! Vocals ! Vocals ! (no spoons) Bass, Vocals and occasional Euphonium Drums, Vocals plus repentant Cor Anglais Guitars,Elecktrickery and "sudsy" Washboard


Walter & The Knobheads are Poulton-Le-Fyldes premier punk band and are soon to become the first Poulton-Le-Fylde punk band on mars !. Formed in 1978 the band immediately decided to adopt an extreme punk philosophy and absolutely refused to sell out by doing anything as mundane as buying instruments, writing songs or playing gigs. However, 23 years later, they felt the time had finally come to put noise to tape and, fuelled only by the excellent Becks beer in the Old Town Hall (Poulton-Le-Fyldes premier public house) they finally decided to give a sound to the legend and to appease the almost constant clamouring of their legion of fans ("Tractor" Barry age 7, and Doreen Bonkers age 73) by finally recording their debut CD....

So Poulton-Le-Fyldes premier punk band are now in pre production (i.e. spending a lot of time talking about it in the pub)........ expected launch date is "just in time for breakfast" so get your penny jars filling now !

But to whet your appetites we've put up a whole load of unfinished mixes for your entertainment, just wait 'til you hear the finished versions !

Walter & The Knobheads are:


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All material featured on this web page was written, recorded & produced by the Walter & The Knobheads. All tracks were recorded direct to computer in the Temple of Din with the odd bit of location recording for "pub effects" backing (i.e. we recorded ourselves singing in the pub :).

Please note: All material hosted here remains the copyright of the respective authors, is placed here with full permission and on the understanding that all tracks may be downloaded for personal use only. If you want to use anything commercially or require further information please get in touch.

*1 = With apologies to the UK Subs

*2 = With even more apologies to Paul Henning, Jerry Scoggins, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs !

*1 = With apologies to the UK Subs


Well would you look at this ! Thanks to the wonder of the internet the Knobheads will soon become the first Poulton-Le-Fylde Punk Band on mars ! And if you want to add your name to the list then simply go to the NASA site and participate.

We might be Knobheads but we're fully in support of science such as exploring space, exploring the ocean depths, exploring the wide variety of magnificent German lagers (as long as they're brewed to the reinheitsgebot that is - ed.) or exploring within young ladies foundation garments etc. etc.

Now if only we could get a WATK sticker on the actual rover itself... Hmmm...

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