Vee V V 1982 (L-R): Martin Reynolds, Chris Anderton, Mark Ormrod, Ian Butterworth, Dave Milner.

Vee V V were based at various points throughout their time including Poulton, Blackpool, London and Manchester. They performed many sterling gigs including support slots with the Gun Club.



Catalogue Details Release Date
BLAM ? Love Canal, Flexi 1983
CRV 5455 Kindest Cut/Romance Is Over 7" July 1985
DRIP 4 Boom Slump EP 12"

Don't Get Down/Cinnamon/Keep Beat/Bird At The Roost
March 1986
DEB 4 Romance Is Over Flexi ?/86
COLL 007 Pass the Buck/Love Canal 7"

See-through yellow vinyl in Constrictor Records house sleeve. Includes black & white Vee VV postcard."Limited to 1,000 copies or less" Constrictor, Am Heedbrink 13, 4600 Dortmund 30, W.Germany.

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The following is a non exhaustive collection of Vee V Vs recorded works and represents a combined effort at converting what we have between us. Any further contributions most welcome !

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Live At The Hounds Hill 1982

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