The Sunday Trip From The Blackpool Evening Gazette

The Sunday Trip were an experimental outfit and comprised (left to right):


The following video clips come courtesy of Glyn Bailey who, several years ago, dug out an old video cassette from his collection wihch featured us playing at the Evening Gazzette Rock Battle on 20th July 1988. We didn't even know it had been recorded, let alone that a tape still existed !

So many moons later and the Temple of Din finally manage to procure some video digitsing hardware in the form of a cheap and cheerful "EasyCap" USB device which arrives from China via fleabay.

Obviously the hardware isn't going to work without the usual fight so after much head scratching, downloading of alternate drivers and swearing we finally manage to digitise the footage. So if you can overcome the distinct lack of quality here's a slice of history for you all to "enjoy". (don't forget this is taken from a second or third generation copy of the original video cassette, which was originally shot on an old 1980s camcorder under the usual poor lighting conditions you'd find in a club)

Knock Me Down. Live at the Adam & Eve, Blackpool, 20/07/1988

Movement. Live at the Adam & Eve, Blackpool, 20/07/1988

MP3 Audio LIst

Please note: All material hosted here remains the copyright of the respective authors, is placed here with full permission and on the understanding that all tracks may be downloaded for personal use only. If you want to use anything commercially or require further information please get in touch.

Collected Demos (1985 to 1986)

The following tracks were written, recorded & produced by The Sunday Trip durong 1985/1986. Tracks 1 & 2 were recorded at Northern Woods, Tracks 3, 4, 12 & 13 were recorded at Silent Sky Studios, Preston, Tracks 5, 6 & 7 were recorded at Red Box rehearsal rooms and the remaining tracks were recorded using a Tascam 4 track. Free for personal use but if you use anything commercially we'll require a cut !

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Live At Your Fathers Moustache 19th February 1987

Recorded direct from the mixing desk at Your Fathers Moustache, Blackpool supporting John Copper Clark. Mixed by Paul Rogers for Red Box sound who sadly forgot to start the cassette recorder going until half way through the first song. Still we should have asked someone to do it for us so we can't really complain. Those familiar with the other recordings in the Temple of Din will find that having the bits of the first song missing is a bit of a "feature" of our live recordings !

Live At Your Fathers Moustache
19th February 1987

© The Sunday Trip 1987


The Sunday Trip From The Blackpool Evening Gazette (2)

A scan from the photoshoot done for the Blackpool Evening Gazette.


Live at "Your Father's Moustache", Blackpool, 19/02/1987.


"Elvis" and Crab take a stroll through Blackpool centre.

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