Sweet Knuckle grew out of Flake, who themselves grew out of the remnants of King Mob Echo and were formed with the idea of exploring the quirkier side of "pop" music. All material featured on this web page was written, recorded & produced by Sweet Knuckle. ©Sweet Knuckle 1999. Tracks were recorded either in the Temple of Din or West Orange Studios (Preston). Free for personal use but if you use anything commercially we'll require a cut !



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Please note: All material hosted here remains the copyright of the respective authors, is placed here with full permission and on the understanding that all tracks may be downloaded for personal use only. If you want to use anything commercially or require further information please get in touch.


As previously mentioned Sweet Knuckle previously used the moniker "Flake", the following section therefore contains "old" versions of tracks plus a few rare rehearsal tapes we recorded etc. etc.

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