If you can see this, it means that the Temple of Dins "home" server is running. This "home" server is a "sometimes on" extension of the main Temple of Din website but, as it's running off a small mini-itx machine, the download speeds may not be tremendous and it's not guaranteed to always be available !

The audio dungeon consists of a series of pages mainly containing mp3 files from audio projects that the Temple has been involved in over the years but with the occasional gem from some Fylde Coast legends too. We were always avid collecters of Demos etc.

All of the music available on this site is "home brewed" with the earlier material being recorded either direct to 2 track cassette, using a variety of cheap 4 track recorders, the ocassional old 2 track reel to reel recorder or, in the case of later material, direct to cheap computer. There are occasional forays into professional recording studios but the Knights of the Temple have always had more enthusiasm than pence so we mostly made do with whatever recording equipment we could beg or borrow at the time !

As for the stuff that's been recovered from audio cassettes these are obviously of various quality (i.e. some are second, third or more generation copies) If you should happen to have anything worth adding to the collection, or have better quality versions of anything we've got, do let us know. We'd be most grateful either to receive a copy or to be given the opportunity to make one ourselves - We can recover audio from vinyl, DAT, 2 track cassette, 4 track cassette and even some variety of cheap 2 track reel to reel ! (i.e. not "proper" 1/4 inch but we've got some sort of old tape machine we found for £3 at a car boot)

Please note: All material hosted here remains the copyright of the respective authors, is placed here with full permission and on the understanding that all tracks downloaded are for personal use only. If you want to use anything commercially please get in touch FIRST.

At a later date we'll be attempting to add short band histories plus photographs etc. but sadly we have very few photographs. In the pre digital days we were always too busy doing stuff to take many photographs so any contributions would be most welcome !

Finally it should be noted that whilst the bands are sorted into a "sort of" chronological order this isn't hard and fast. Not only was there quite a bit of overlap between some projects but, as we weren't meticulous in writing dates on cassette labels etc., some of the dates given are our current best recollections/guesses.

So let's get on with todays menu.....




Blood Brothers

Vee V V

The Alvaros

Liber Oz

Pax Manga

Thee Phantom Creeps

King Mob Echo

Walter & The Knobheads

Section 25

The Blind Kings

Handsome Dalek !

Father Stone


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